Offering Envelope Pages Rebuild

Our best selling product is offering envelopes. We sell them printed on white stock and on blue, green, ivory, canary, orchid and pink. They all have a single, small glue spot to allow for easy opening. All the categories can be changed: Tithe, Offering, Missions, Building Fund, Love, other and many more.

We are excited about this new version of the tithe envelope page. We have tried to get all the important information “above the fold”. We have found our customers asking many times the same questions that are answered right on the page. We’ve tried to thin down and condense the information into a concise executive summary. Hopefully the new layout and the condensed information about the offering envelopes will make the difference for our customers.

There are several aspects of our church tithe envelopes that we are hoping will be understood. These are the most common questions: What is the price, is there a setup charge; Can what is on the envelope be changed; how long do they take to ship. Well, the answer to the first most common question isn’t quite what we’d want to have to answer. That is because our prices have just gone up. It is due to the increase cost involved in offering envelope production and materials that we had raise the price, howbeit reluctantly. So, the pricing starts at $31.35 for 500 and $54.69 for 1000. The answer to the second most common question about our envelopes is YES! most anything can be changed on the envelopes. We can Add your Logo, change the categories, add lines, remove boxes – whatever. The third answer is: our envelopes usually ship between 3 and 5 business days after art is approved and payment has been made.

We have always strived for both quality, value and timeliness. There is a give-and-take in this, a balance that must be found to both meet the needs of you our customers and provide us with viable business.

Thank you for choosing us to do your printing, thank you for allowing us to be a part of the ministry you perform!

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